Monday 6 May 2013


Thank you to the following who have given money directly, this will appear on our just giving page as various Keith Cashner the lovely people at the clachnaharry inn Pamela maclennan. Thanks Also thanks to the fantasticj Corran guest house who were exceptional.


  1. meant to tell you about the Clachnaharry a fantastic wee pub with some great beers hope you made the most of todays weather

  2. Yo Paul and Midge, Philippa and I having a week away in Fowey... gale and pissing down so thought I'd see if you'd started... and you have! Sounds tough though. Thinking of you and will pop in here regularly to see how the two of you are doing.
    Big warm hug... hope the weather's better when you get down here.

    Louis and Philippa

  3. Hi Paul & Midge. Sounds like the weather is quite difficult up there, good to hear that you are now on the GGW though. Hope the weather picks up for you.
    We are now close to Buxton with the Pennines coming up.
    Glen (imdownthepub)