Thursday 25 July 2013

The end and home

I am sorry I did not keep up with this blog, it proved almost impossible with the phone and the website so I just got plain fed up with it all. The SOuh west coast was very hard, it provides more ascent than any other section of the trip. The section from Barnstaple to Bude is very tough but we managed is all in a couple of days. Midge of course found is no more difficult than a walk in the park. He was a mazing on the sea cliffs, with a 500 ft drop on one side he trotted along confidently, he knows exactly where the clif edge is by using his ears and a sense of the wind, at one time there was a sudden gust of wind and Midge instinctively jumped to his left away from the edge - he thought he had got a little too close for comfort. The weather was kind to us apart from a couple of days of thick sea fog when even I had difficulty finding the cliff edges! I was very sad on the penultimate day and really did not want to get started, if I started it meant I was going to complete the route. I almost felt like giving up so I would not have completed the trip and would have the prospect of having to start again and do it all over. We completed on Sunday June 30th at 12.50. My wife Carol was there to record the event and then we celebrated with a Cornish cream tea which Carol had brought with her and special biscuits for Midge. Following this we spent a few days in Cornwall - walking- What else! We have been home for over 3 weeks now and things are strange. Midge is hyperactive and wonders why we cannot go for such long walks everyday and why he has to sleep downstairs and not next to me. It was a great trip and I promise I will write the whole thing up with pictures soon. Regards Paul and Midge