Thursday 30 May 2013

Gloomy pennines

Mixed weather since I last blogged. Met wife Carol at tan hill, first time in a month! Gloomy typical pennine weather, misty wet underfoot. Now in wensleydale doing our Wallace and Gromit impressions. To Horton tomorrow.


  1. Just a message to say I keep checking for posts, shame its awkward to upload on here.. should have set up audioboo perhaps. Hope you are keeping a journal, it will make a great read when you are home.
    Anyway, am watching your progress & cheering you both on.
    Weather looks to be on the up for a few days too
    Keep on keeping on
    Mel :)

  2. Hi Paul are you walking through Worcestershire at all as would love to offer you any support we can Nicola Burton x

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