Monday 18 February 2013


Midge and I are walking from John O’Groats to Lands’ End We start at the end of April 2013. I suppose this is really the culmination of many things not least the fact that  we have done many long distance walks that this seemed to be the obvious next step. Some of you will have read our previous travels over the last 6 years
Midge is blind as a result of a progressive retinal atrophy which has been going on for many years but he covered it up really well until about 18months ago so I could not really put off this project any longer, he is still young enough to cope with both the walking and his blindness. He loves his walks and loves visiting new places and meeting new people. I have treasured my backpacking trips with him so this is our ultimate big adventure together.

We are raising funds for Hounds for Heroes who provide assistance dogs for injured military and service personnel. You can donate here:

 I thought it entirely appropriate for Midge. He loves people and seems to have an incredible empathy for folks. The fact that he is blind and the way he has adapted and thrived despite his blindness has made him real hero in his own right so this charity just right for him. By an amazing coincidence his vets’ practice Oakham Veterinary Hospital  is also supporting this charity in 2013. I know a lot of well-paid people out there I only hope I can persuade them to part with some money to support this charity.
Let me tell you about the wonderful boy that is Midge. Midge came to us from the wonderful Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies eight years ago. He was it would seem, an unwanted Christmas present judging by the day of his birth and his first vet injections. He was a very confused lunatic youngster of 7 months when we got him, a live wire of a collie who had never received any training and who demonstrated the ADHD/OCD of an untrained border collie. He was hard going. However, he is probably the most intelligent dog I have ever known and took to training with a desire and soon literally knew all the tricks in the book. If you want to read more about Midge and I please look at our earlier trips documented on this website.
We will be following a route across the Flow Country of Scotland to Lairg, thence to Inverness, down the Great Glen, along the West Highland Way eventually linking up to the Pennine Way, down the Midlands to the Costswold Way via the River Severn and then linking up with the South West Coast Footpath. If you would like to walk a section with us contact us!


  1. Hi Paul,

    I see that you're coming through the Midlands on your JOGLE, and if you're taking the usual route along the Staffs Way then you'll be passing very close to us - and when we know that there's a LEJOG/JOGLEr passing then we always like to offer a bed/meal/bath/use of washing machine.

    You can drop us a line at thegateposts at gmail dot com.

    Gayle & Mick

    1. Hi Gayle and Mick. Thanks for the offer. I am not sure how close we will come to your place. We are using the Shropshire Union canal to Wolverhampton then another canal to reach the river Severn. Very kind of you to offer though.

    2. You'll be passing quite a way to the west of us - but we'd still love to come and say hello and walk with you and Midge for a short while as you pass by.

    3. you would be very welcome. Keep an eye on the blog as we get closer to you please join us.

  2. Paul

    Best of luck on the expedition, I very much enjoy the tales (tails?) of your trails. While I'd love to join you for a leg (and my daughter would really love to give Midge plenty of hugs ans attention), being in a different country makes that a bit tough (nothing at all to do with being intimidated by your standard pace as documented).

    Hope all goes well and according to plan.


    1. Hi Sinbad, Thanks for you kind comments. I think we will be taking it a bit more sedately this time, it is along way and we both are getting older.


      Paul and Midge

  3. sounds as if your doing well so far. I've been checking the weather which looks a bit dodgy and absolutely freezing on your birthday so put on all your clothes, looks as if birthday eve might be ok tho. then looks as if the wind will drop and it will get a bit warmer. lots of love and warm thoughts to you. Carol